A Well Crafted Process


Our pledge to you is to produce a superior handcrafted product that is built to endure the test of time.  To us, well-crafted refers to more than just the talent and skills of our Team.  It means using quality, locally sourced materials, whenever possible, which helps to support and sustain our community.  We invite you to contact us with any inquiries regarding our materials or construction process. 


Need a deeper seat, longer length, different seat height, etc.?  We can customize our designs to your specifications, allowing you to offer your clients something that will be distinctively theirs.

Contact us regarding customization parameters.


Several years ago, we made the decision to bring our frame production in house.  Doing so has given us the capability of customizing our frames.    

Additional details:  

~ sustainably sourced, kiln-dried, solid maple is used for maximum structural integrity

~ harvested in NC, VA, TN

~ double doweled corners that are glued and screwed together, with corner blocks for added strength

~ all joints are doweled, glued, or screwed

~ arms are notched into back posts, where possible for extra strength

~ arm contours are shaped from wood rather than foam

~ all frames are covered with high density, soy-based foam

~ an array of beautifully painted finishes are offered on exposed maple legs

~ oak or walnut may also be specified for exposed arms and legs, as our painted finishes, stains, and waxes showcase the natural beauty of these wood grains


Seating suspension is what makes a sofa or chair comfortable.  An eight-way hand tied system is one of the most important qualities to look for when sourcing upholstery.  It will also prolong the lifespan and beauty of the item.  An eight-way hand tied spring system is a tried and true technique that requires skilled craftsmanship. 

Additional details:  

~ true eight-way hand tied spring construction: springs are attached to the deck webbing, then tied together front to back, side to side, and diagonally

~ our craftsmen apply higher gauge springs around the outer edges to provide maximum stability


  Our standard seat cushions are spring down and considered the best choice for seating in the industry.  

~ individually wrapped spring coils that are encased in foam

~ no less than three baffles are created on the top and bottom of the cushion and filled with down and feathers

~ cushions are covered in a high thread count, down-proof ticking - thus, preventing feathers from migrating through the covers

~ the gauge of the spring coils can be adjusted to accommodate a softer or firmer cushion

~ may also specify our down alternative, hypo-allergenic Trillium fill. 


~ goose down or blend down construction  

~ two to three baffles are created with down-proof ticking and filled with a blend of down, feathers, and fiber

~ constructed with the same high thread count, down-proof ticking as our seat cushions - preventing feathers from migrating through the covers

~ density of this fill can be adjusted to accommodate a softer or firmer cushion  

~ may also specify our down alternative, hypo-allergenic Trillium fill.